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How to Choose the Right Size and Weight of a Weighted Blanket

If you’ve been looking for a way to sleep better at night and feel less anxious during the day, a weighted blanket could be just what you need.

Preliminary research shows that weighted blankets may be beneficial for those who are seeking relief from sensory issues.

Deep pressure therapy with a weighted blanket also can help regulate your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, further alleviating stress and anxiety.

Both adults and children can benefit from the comfort of weighted blankets. But how do you choose the right blanket for yourself or a loved one? 

What Size Weighted Blanket Do I Need?

Weighted blankets are not one-size-fits-all. The ideal blanket for any given person is one which is a fit to that person’s own size and weight.

With the reassuring weight of a blanket which is just the right size and weight, you may find that you drift off to sleep more peacefully.

You can also crawl under your weighted blanket at any point during the day to feel calmer and less overwhelmed.

The dimensions are pretty easy to figure out. Just think how large your want the blanket to be. Do you want it to cover just you, or your entire bed? How large is your bed? Do you want to be able to wrap yourself up in it?

The easiest way to get the right measurements is to find a blanket you already own which is roughly the size you want. Use a tape measure to find out its length and width. Then use that when ordering, or something close to it.

How Many Pounds Should My Weighted Blanket Be?

The next thing to figure out is how heavy the blanket should be. You might think that this would be complicated to calculate, but it is surprisingly simple. And guess what? You do not need to do any math if you do not want to.

The weight of the blanket you need is based on your own body weight. If you know that, you can reference the chart on this page to select the most suitable weight.

It usually is recommended that you go with a blanket which is 8-10% of your body weight or just a little bit more.

That does mean that there is some room for subjectivity. Some people prefer their blankets to be a little bit heavier than others. You can probably figure out based on your own experiences with deep pressure what you would find most soothing.

Once you know the size and weight you need, the only other considerations you must think about when selecting a blanket are the materials and colors which you want.

Make sure you are purchasing a high-quality product which will distribute the weight evenly across your body.

The Right Weighted Blanket Can Bring You a World of Comfort

You now know how to choose a weighted blanket in terms of both the size and the weight. When you use a blanket which is ideally suited to your own body, you can experience the anxiety-relieving benefits of deep pressure therapy to their fullest.


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