Relief from Restless Leg Syndrome Is Possible with Weighted Blankets

Relief from Restless Leg Syndrome Is Possible with Weighted Blankets

If you are one of the 32 million people suffering from restless leg syndrome in the United States and typical treatments do not provide the relief you are seeking, you may have heard of holistic practices that seem to finally bring the relief you crane. After hearing success stories, you may be wondering, “will a weighted blanket for restless legs work for me or my loved one?” The deep pressure therapy provided by Namaste Blankets can help your limbs relax and allow your entire nervous system to calm itself.

Once your entire body is relaxed, your mind can also slow down, which will help prevent your typical symptoms from occurring. If you don’t use your weighted blanket before your symptoms appear, fear not - weighted blankets are proven to help relieve symptoms once they occur. If you are ready to learn more about how a weighted blanket helps restless leg syndrome so you can avoid feeling pain and discomfort further, you do not need to look any further than Namaste Blankets. 

What Is Restless Leg Syndrome?

Restless leg syndrome (RLS) is a movement disorder that causes unpleasant, and often painful, sensations throughout the legs. Sufferers have an irresistible urge to move their legs in order to find any sort of relief. Those who have RLS typically do not experience symptoms during daylight occurs since the symptoms occur during periods of rest. When a person is resting, sitting, or lying down for long periods of time, the sensations become prevalent. The longer one stays still, the more severe the symptoms may come, so it can often be difficult to fall and stay asleep. Those who manage to get rest find it incredibly difficult to fall back asleep once waking from the pain or to use the bathroom. 

Along with being considered a movement disorder, RLS is also classified a sleep disorder because the symptoms are caused by rest. Those who suffer must move their limbs in order to feel any sort of relief. Unfortunately, these unpleasant sensations return quickly once the person lays back down or attempts to sit for a long period again. 

The combination of the movement and sleep disorder can be better described as a neurological sensory disorder. These types of disorders have symptoms that are produced from within the brain. A weighted blanket for restless legs can relive the physical sensations that cause discomfort and help the body produce dopamine and serotonin. These chemicals are responsible for creating happiness. The deep pressure therapy from the weighted blanket works to relieve both the muscles in the legs and the nervous system connected to the mind. 

Is RLS Relief Possible from a Weighted Blanket?

Holistic approaches are better alternatives than over the counter medications for many disorders. If you are wondering, “does a weighted blanket help restless leg syndrome?” you are not alone. Namaste Blankets’ products provide natural relief to the many issues caused from the painful, uncomfortable sensations caused by RLS. 

Weighted blankets have been proven to relieve stress and anxiety. The additional weight from the materials sown into the blanket provide deep pressure therapy. It works with the nervous system to create sight pressure that released the “feel good” chemicals mentioned before. Dopamine is a key factor in muscle movement and control. Combined with serotonin, RLS suffers can finally feel better both physically and emotionally. 

Achieve a Better Night’s Sleep 

When used at night, weighted blankets can help provide the relief RLS sufferers desire. The answer to, “do weighted blankets work for restless leg syndrome?” is evident after just one night’s use. Weighted blankets  provide consistent overall pressure throughout the entire body all night long. Rather than waking due to pain and an urge to walk around, RLS suffers can finally achieve a solid night’s rest. The deep pressure prevents the restless motions from beginning since the mind is calmed. When the mind is calm, the nervous system is relaxed, so the muscles do not receive the typical sensations that RLS suffers experience on a nightly basis. 

Relief Is Just an Order Away

Namaste weighted blanket for restless legs is a natural way to prevent the uncomfortable and sometimes painful sensation from occurring during moments of rest. With our products, you can finally sit or lie down with a peace of mind. You or your loved one won’t need to worry that discomfort will soon arrive. Rather, you will be able to experience relief from the first use, and you will be able to say yes when someone asks you, “does a weighted blanket help restless leg syndrome?”

You do not need to suffer long nights any longer. Experience the joy of a good night’s rest again and avoid the physical fatigue and diminished mood. Purchase our weighted blanket for restless legs if you are ready to well well rested again. If you are wondering, “do weighted blankets work for restless leg syndrome?”, you do not need to search further. We are proud to use the highest quality materials to ensure you receive the 100% cotton blanket you need to feel relief and comfort. We even offer a 100 percent money back guarantee, so you can try our product without fear. If you are ready to make a purchase or have lingering questions, contact one of our friendly associates today. A weighted blanket for restless leg syndrome are your best solution! Our company looks forward to providing the product you need to live a better, happier, pain-free life. 


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