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This organic therapeutic weighted blanket for adults gets you to sleep faster and enhances your sleep quality overnight. When you get the desired amount of sleep, you'll see a significant improvement in your emotional well-being, mental focus/capability, and productivity. Get yours today!


  • 2-Layer Polyester Protection: The comprehensive material ensures that the therapeutic weighted blanket delivers a silk-like touch while staying strong enough to prevent any unwanted tears.
  • High-Density Glass Beads: The beads are non-toxic and are completely odorless. They are also hypo-allergenic and are easy to wash by hand or by dry clean.
  • 100% Organic Cotton Cover: You can stay comfortable throughout the night thanks to the 100% cotton fabric. It is supremely soft and hugs the skin.

The Difference

Namaste Weighted Blanket Generic Weighted Blankets
Glass Beads
2-Layer Protection
60-Night Guarantee


  • Improves Sleep Quality: Serotonin is a happy hormone that is stimulated by deep touch pressure. You can fall asleep quicker and for longer by using a therapeutic weighted blanket.
  • Boosts Positive Mood: According to research, deep touch pressure actually reduces the levels of cortisol in your body. This is the stress hormone. It does so by boosting the production of serotonin which is a happy hormone.
  • Reduces Anxiety: Deep touch pressure has a positive effect on the body and the mind. When you use a therapeutic weighted blanket there is no need to visit a therapist or purchase expensive tools so as to experience relief from stress.
  • Improves Focus / Fights ADHD: When you sleep under a therapeutic weighted blanket, your body immediately experiences a soothing, calming effect. The deep touch pressure stimulation reduces your levels of anxiety significantly. People who are suffering from ADHD can experience a better quality of life by using a therapeutic weighted blanket.
  • Eases Insomnia: In addition to making you happier, serotonin hormones also enhance your sleep. Deep touch pressure promotes the release of this hormone in your body. As a result, using a therapeutic weighted blanket facilitates this therapy and helps you to replace insomnia with high-quality sleep.
  • Helps with Sensory Processing Disorder: In layman’s terms, Sensory Processing Disorder is a traffic jam in your brain. This condition can be very difficult for kids. Thankfully, it can be remedied by using a therapeutic weighted blanket. They can calm down the sufferer of this condition.
  • Helps Fibromyalgia Pain: People who deal with fibromyalgia can experience relief when they use a therapeutic weighted blanket. It prevents the flare-ups associated with this condition.
  • Addresses Symptoms of PTSD: Researchers found that using a therapeutic weighted blanket helped 63% of the trial participants to experience much less anxiety. In addition to that, they found that this blanket reduces the pulse rate and eliminates high blood pressure.
  • Soothes Symptoms of Panic Disorder: A therapeutic weighted blanket is one of the ways through which panic disorder can be managed. Numerous studies have proven that sleeping under a therapeutic weighted. blanket enables you to wake up feeling much less anxious and supremely refreshed. It is well known that fatigue is a significant trigger for panic disorder. Therefore, getting a good night of sleep is highly beneficial in controlling this condition.


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Disclaimer: The content on this product and website is not intended to substitute for medical advice. We advise talking to your doctor or healthcare provider before undertaking any type of therapy or treatment. 

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Great product, very good delivery time. I am very happy and highly recommend this seller.


great product


Really good customer service and discounts. Really like my blanket.


Excellent blanket - very very pleased. Lovely and soft and a great weight. Super fast - 9 days from order to in my hands in New Zealand


This blanket is pretty thin but it's really heavy hahaha it will definitely help my dad fall asleep better! Thank you so much.